Our Jess becomes a fully accredited Business Link trainer!

It’s the news we’ve been all been waiting for here at Intune: co-owner Jessica Kemp has been granted the status of fully accredited Business Link trainer, meaning audiences of business people across Yorkshire and the rest of the UK will be able to hear her talk passionately about her very favourite subject - that is, how businesses large and small can go about getting the very best out of the internet.

The first event Jess will be holding is called ‘Stay in tune with… Intune Media!’ and will be taking place at Park Inn, York on Tuesday 15th June, from 6.30pm - 9.30pm. You should attend. Really you should. Why? Well…

1. Er, it’s free

2. Jess isn’t your ordinary presenter: don’t let all that effervescence and eccentricity fool you: she’s sharp as needle, has her finger right on the pulse of everything to do with online marketing and is also a highly experienced lecturer, having lectured at Newcastle Uni

3. She’s got the interests of your business at heart: she’ll be explaining the importance of a keen eye for cost-effective marketing opportunities and demonstrating¬† why it’s so vital that companies of all sizes (from each and every sector) explore new and emerging marketing techniques and tools

4. Online marketing is well and truly here, and here to stay, so it therefore pays to be aware of which emerging technologies and channels can take you to the next level, for the least amount of spend and in the shortest possible time. Jess is in ‘the know’. Ridiculously so

5. The event is designed to inspire those looking to set up or further develop a business who want to know the most effective online and social media solutions that not only attract more customers, but that will also support a growing business through an upturn in the economy. That’s YOU

6. Jess isn’t one of those presenters that skips over important details just so that she can get to the end of presentation and jump in her car. The girl/woman/lass/non-gender-specific person loves questions and will answer them to their fullest

7. England haven’t got a World Cup match on 15th June, and the cakewalk that Brazil have against North Korea that night really won’t be worth watching

8. Like everyone at Intune, Jess wants to help you make money online

There’s a already a great buzz surrounding Jess’s debut Business Link event and, ongoing, the talks she gives are likely to be some of the most popular in the Business Link event calendar, so get yourself booked in at www.businesslinkyorkshire.co.uk or on 08456 048 048 - you won’t regret it!

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