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Our Search Engine Marketing specialists work hand in hand with our web design and development team to optimise a website that not only succeeds in design and function but one that attracts targeted visitors, the type of visitor that converts into new business.

Search engine and keyword research
By performing in-depth keyword research, we can inform you of the true size of your market. A list of keywords and phrases are generated, along with accurate monthly search volumes to give a clear picture of the expected traffic levels a well ranked website will achieve. This is an exact science and isn’t subject to the fishing net in the water approach of speculative advertising. Searchers are out there looking for a business just like yours, becoming visible & letting them find you is the key to online success. Professional keyword research forms the basis of a search engine marketing project and leads on to the two other facets of search engine marketing.

Website optimisation for your campaign
A successful search engine marketing campaign begins with a professionally optimised website. Our organic search specialists work closely with the design and development team to ensure that your website is 100% search engine friendly. Keyword research is used to accurately target your website at very specific words and phrases. This is performed ‘under the hood’ and involves making some very definite enhancements to your website’s coding. Visually there is little to see, behind the scenes is a different story. We pay close attention to and modify if necessary, the following aspects of your code:

• Page Titles
• META descriptions
• Semantic Structure
• Internal Linking Structure
• Site Architecture
• Body Copy
• The management of other programming languages

By ensuring we squeeze every last drop of optimisation out of your website, we give you a real and quantifiable competitive edge.

Popularity and authority building for your campaign

The final part of a search engine marketing campaign centres around the promotion of your website. In order to achieve high organic rankings on Google, your website must be viewed as highly relevant to a particular search term. We increase relevance by optimising your website around the terms that are important to your business.

Relevance is not enough to reach the top spots however, you also need popularity and authority.

A link to a website from an external source is viewed by a search engine as a vote in its favour. This increases popularity. By building the right kind of links into your website via our specialist blend of search engine marketing techniques, we can increase your popularity & authority to a level where your website will begin to list favourably for your important keywords.

The net result of listing for targeted searches is of course targeted visitors. Targeted visitors bring conversions and ultimately bottom line profit. Listed below are some of the more common outlets for website promotion:

• Paid or Free Internet Directories
• Social Media & News Sites
• Blogs & Forums
• Article Depositories
• Networking Sites
• Online Press Release Sites
• Social Bookmarking Sites

As a professional search engine marketing team, we only pursue best practice, ethical methods of promotion. Search engines have strict terms of service and are ready to penalise websites who use underhanded, amateurish techniques to force their way to the top. Exclusion from a search engine is usually for life, we play by the book.

Measuring your campaign success

Search engine marketing is the only form of marketing that can be accurately measured in terms of performance. The return on investment is like no other form of advertising with many reporting huge upturns in sales and enquiries.

We report to you on a monthly basis with detailed visitor information, cross referenced against your targeted keywords. This shows you month on month how each keyword performs and how many visitors it brings you. There is nothing left to guess-work, our reports give you the complete picture, ensuring you can measure your return on investment accurately.


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