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it’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it…some recent observations on digital marketing

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

How agile is your marketing? How fast can you respond to online trends and drive your business forward whilst sustaining your market share, developing new revenue streams and improving your long term profit? Yes, there’s a bar up there and the serious strategists amongst us are setting it wayyyyy up high, but there’s a good reason. There’s a lot at stake here.
In the current climate and an increasingly competitive online environment, there is little time for weighty approval processes and the sign off of every piece of external communication before it goes live. Competitors are dangerously agile and it’s a no brainer that the web rewards people who are nimble and adaptable.
Technology is changing consumer behaviours and the perception of value. Whilst this is the main driving force behind creating new technology and opportunities (which we’re all for by the way), we are witnessing products and services increasingly lacking tangible value, whereby they are a commodity that simply competes on price alone. When a business model is commoditized, it is forced to sell on quantity to scale the business. We’ve never been fearful of competition, but while competitiveness is good for most industries, excessive competition or lack of competition is resulting in business’ having to change their model at short notice.
A good web proposition doesn’t stay under wraps for long and there are opportunities, short lived as they are, for business owners to interact with potential clients with compelling communications if they can only realise, partner with the right people (hint hint) and act.

With social media topping the most popular digital marketing tactics of 2009, there are many challenges and opportunities for business owners. As well as understanding the tools themselves, one of the largest challenges and opportunities is the idea of being agile, a quality that defines brands and individuals who have leveraged the web to become industry leaders.

Intune Media utilise agile web development and marketing techniques. Let us guide you, inform you, teach you, to harness your strengths online so you’re not pipped past the post by the competition. Contact for a free no obligation consultation.

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