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new QU-CHI acupressure band website goes live!

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Intune are pleased to announce our latest site for airtight international is now live!

What is it?

Qu-Chi is so simple that people have said they’re very surprised that it hasn’t been commercially available before. It is a natural and drug-free way to get almost instant relief from the symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis.

The band is very easy to use. Once in place (just underneath the elbow joint as illustrated in the instructions that come with the band), you can wear the band day and night without noticing it’s there.

How does it work? It uses the “Qu-Chi” pressure point, a specific focus-point on the body, linked to the front of the face and the sinuses.

Qu-Chi can be used while taking other medication and can be worn day and night and is suitable for all ages.

What’s makes this product unique is that it does not cause drowsiness. Something that those who suffer will understand the importance of.

The band is machine washable. Simply put the band on either before your symptoms appear or as soon as you notice them. It really works!

One size fits all.

A shot of their website for you:

Qui Chi Hayfever Band Brochure Website

Qui Chi Hayfever Band Brochure Website

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