Video Production Sunderland

Your clients need new, exciting and engaging content. Using video, InTune Media will help revolutionise how you market your business.

If you need Video Production Sunderland, you’re in luck! We can come to you and help make the most professional and exciting videos there is to offer.

What can we offer to Sunderland?

Corporate Video

Why not demonstrate your expertise in your field in a powerful and concise video? Show the world why you're the best in the industry.

Promotional Video

In 90 seconds, why not show the digital world who you are and what your business stands for? It's perfect for all forms of social media.

Training Video

Ideal for teaching employees in a consistent and clear way using quality online video content - saving you time and providing peace of mind.

Explainer Video

Do you have a new product or service? Is there more than meets the eye? Ensure your clients know exactly what's up.

Event Video

Maybe you're hosting a network meeting or an awards ceremony? Capture it all with the power of video and look back with fondness.

Cultural Video

Why not touch the hearts of your audience with an atmospheric experience? Leave them wanting to hit that replay button.



Do you have an idea for a new video or project? Let’s work on it together to ensure your vision is brought to life and will stun your audience.


Do you film your own videos but don’t have the time or resources to edit them? We can takeover from there and get it ready for you website and social media.


You don’t need to be making the next blockbuster movie to need a good script. Let’s ensure you’re getting your message across to your consumers.


Have a video already and want to make some minor edits? Need updates for videos we’ve created for you? Let us have a look and we will see what we can do.


Do you want to take your video content to new heights? Our equipment and trusted techniques will ensure your footage is at a professional level.


Do you wish to get the full benefit of what YouTube can do? We can guarantee all your channel content is optimised for reaching audiences.

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